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VETERANS SEAL TEAM (VST) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Montana, and registered as a public charity with the Internal Revenue Service; Effective Date of Exemption: October 1st 2015.

VST is actually an acronym for

Veterans Earning Trust, Experiencing Respect And National Solidarity – – Systematically Eliminating Alienation and, Loneliness – – (understanding that) Together Everyone Advances Mutually.

VST remains a 'Self-funded Non Profit' and dedicates

its financial resources toward Quality of Life Improvements primarily targeting the Homeless Veteran – while also attending to the Displaced, Disadvantaged, Wounded and Retired Veterans.


Without going into great detail here; we believe three critical – follow-along steps exist for this model to be successful.

Off Drugs

to include many ‘proven unnecessary’- yet overprescribed prescription drugs; street drugs; alcohol and, to reversing the untoward effects of past antibiotic interventions and prescription pain medications (Opiates).

Transitioning Vets Into Life Improvement Programs.

This enables veterans to be rehabilitated; renewing “Trust and Respect” in themselves and their fellow veterans – while reinvigorating and preserving a once-held ‘Positive Outlook on Life’… now making it worth living again..

The transition process provides

for a variety of programs and program funding, whether they be academic, professional / skills related, etc.; that VST may establish, or financially support through its self-funding model.

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