MISSION  VETERANS SEAL TEAM (VST) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Montana, and registered as a public charity with the Internal Revenue Service; Effective Date of Exemption: October 1st 2015.

VST is actually an acronym for: Veterans Earning Trust, Experiencing Respect And National Solidarity – –  Systematically Eliminating Alienation and, Loneliness – –  (understanding that) Together Everyone Advances Mutually.

VST remains a ‘Self-funded Non Profit’ and dedicates its financial   resources toward Quality of Life Improvements primarily targeting the Homeless Veteran – while also attending to the Displaced, Disadvantaged, Wounded and Retired Veterans.

VST”s Charter aims our financial resources at funding programs which include – but are not solely limited to :

1)   Getting Homeless Veterans “Off the Streets

2)  Off Drugs, to include many ‘proven unnecessary’- yet overprescribed prescription drugs; street drugs; alcohol   and, to reversing the untoward effects of past antibiotic interventions and prescription pain medications (Opiates).

3) Transitioning Vets Into Life Improvement Programs. This enables veterans to be rehabilitated; renewing “Trust and Respect” in themselves   and their fellow veterans – while reinvigorating and preserving a once-held ‘Positive Outlook on Life’… now making it worth living again. The transition process  provides for a variety of programs and program funding, whether they be academic, professional / skills related, etc.; that VST may establish, or financially support through its self-funding model. These can include financial (Grants) and other provisions to support nonprofit organizations helping with ‘follow-on’ assistance, etc., including everything from job placement, to housing, transportation, legal and other services – enabling a more seamless process for our veterans’ reintroduction back into society.



Without going into great detail here; we believe three critical – follow-along steps exist for this model to be successful. These steps need to be both – identified and strictly adhered to, and are as follows:

Let’s call them “The Three R’s” – Recovery, Rehabilitation   and Reintegration.

These steps must be supported by an organizations’ staff;   both professional and non-professional, and flexible     enough to expand their capabilities according to the   demand placed upon their resources; for which of course  not being left without YST’s financial support and other pertinent resources. However, at the core of this model’s success we are fully cognizant as to the critical importance of counseling. Given this – there has to be, in every case – a method for “Reaching the Veteran” – and while doing so.. absent as we would say: “Of Toxic Insults” (usually drug related) – which effectively serve to compromise the best efforts of even the most acclaimed professionals.

Why is this ?

Medical science researchers are just beginning to more fully understand both the role, and critical importance of the Human Microbiome, and how it plays into, and out to – nearly every functioning area of the body; most especially related to brain function, mental  health, and even suicide.  This realization is (in part) that where there is an imbalance in the Gut’s commensal   biological terrain, there’s a corresponding, and direct   imbalance to the biochemical terrain of the Brain. Understanding this, one can appreciate why pharmacology (drug interventions) programs have proven ineffective in addressing the emotional / psychological improvements being sought; l but until recently – not understanding why.

The link below represents some of the most current research (published 2017) – through which the paper’s “Abstract” – will help enlighten the reader as to what is happening, and has been absent in treatment programs  that will prove effective in their outcomes.

Here we need to provide a hyperlink to:

As per the hyperlink provided, to include a developing plethora of supporting research, the evidence is becoming incontrovertible to the fact: “Our Gut Microbiota are tocontinuously play an inextricable role to the proper and continued functioning of the Our Brain.” The Gut – Brain    Axis area of research is fast becoming the primary focus in today’s medical / scientific study, and for which we caption it as:

The Role of The Gut-Brain Axis: The Bi-directional Highway – Affecting and Effecting Our Emotions!

[ HERE we provide a link to a reader friendly layout  of the Gut Brain Axis Brochure.]

Keeping this in mind – and as will be exclusive through the VST program: We strive to create a viable platform in our veterans – like an almost “Clean Slate”  to start from, if you will. Completing this “Clean Slate” will be the process of detoxifying, eliminating and ultimately restoring a more    proper functioning of the symbiotic ‘Gut – Brain’ relationship.

As a cornerstone to this approach, the results we have observed during the past 20 years speak volumes for themselves, and in support of our optimism for success with our veterans.

It must be understood that given an absence of such Gut – Brain (clean-up and reset) – is evidenced by the VA’s own records of failure, the recidivism rates and veteran suicide rates – reportedly happening at an alarming 21 veterans every day.  What has been applied for treatment programs is clearly ‘not working’ and with little measure for long term success.

This is not the case where our program is undertaken – and more especially-so, in concert with specific designed   dietary supplementation. Here, we’ve developed these supplements – and while now having a 20 year history of positive outcomes; we can better ensure that the benefits   experienced by our veterans will have a long term positive outcome.

Historically, the success of such programs have not beenadequately measured and codified due to a lack of a methodology we call:

“Breaking   the Addiction Cycle”

for which once complete, we see our veterans experience     a more robust and lasting Recovery, Rehabilitation and   Reintegration, into Society.


Again, and as it is worth restating: Our position is that “Real Recovery” – from Prescription Medications and/or Illicit Drug/Alcohol Abuse – cannot be fully realized, absent the   step where we

Break the Addiction Cycle.”

This is a milestone which has repeatedly proven itself, and highlights a measure of ‘Our Continued Success’ – which directly equates to “Our Veteran’s Success.”

This process is accomplished (in part) by following our “Clinically Proven Program” – of  Neural Nutrition and Gut Microbial Health restoration. To accomplish this, we employ two natural – time tested (circa 1993 and 1996)   dietary supplements. These are: 1) Our Probiotic  / Prebiotic, Soil Based Organism (SBO) complex, called  FloraStat ~ P-A™ in capsule form, and 2) Our brain  chemistry enhancing formula, appropriately named –   relative to an excellent time for its administration: Breakfast for the Brain® (BftB) – available in either Capsule, or Nano Spray. We hope to make a transition exclusively to the spray version, as logistically this form lends itself to a more robust production. The Nano Spray  has proven itself very palatable, and with ease of periodic administration – while showing a significantly improved   effectiveness   for many users; over that of our time-honored capsule version. Our Nano Spray was more fully developed in early 2014, to accommodate its complex of precise formula ingredients, numbering 25+ as are embodied under its internationally patented process.